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Thailand is an exotic country especially when it comes to dating.  Thai people do not have the resentment to foreign people, which is why you will come across different dating sites, from the mainstream to more risqué in nature. Most of these sites act as a platform for Thailand to meet foreign men and women.

The question is, how will you find a reliable dating site? is one of the platforms that have made it easy for you to find the best dating sites in Thailand.  The sites offer non-biased reviews of popular sites, Thai dating tips, and provides foreigner looking to date Thai women with some invaluable information about Thai dating and marriage culture.

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Website design for this site is unique and exotic, yet quite simple. is not a dating site, so the menu only contains the information that will allow you to find a perfect partner on the internet.  Rarely can you find information that you need find a perfect partner, not at the same place anyway, but navigate through different sections on this site, and you are going to find almost everything you need to find a perfect Thai partner.

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One of the most unique features is the depth of each review.  On each review, you get all the information you need to make an informed decision whether you should use the site or not, starting from the signup information, the price plans and the user feedback.  The site has a few love stories from western men who have had a success finding a date and even long lasting relationship with Thai women.  Do you want to comment about the sites, or ask anything, the site has social media esque features that are quite natural so you can comment publicly about the site.


While most sites focus on connecting with Thai women, focus on helping people find lasting true love.  The site seems to have people who have made effort to review the best dating site to present you with the very best.  Offering comprehensive insight on what differentiate great services to that is considered ‘OK’ is important and although some of the sit reviews may be subjective,  the scale at which they have reviewed shows that the site is a reliable source of information for anyone looking for dating tips and tricks in Thailand.


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Clash of the Cultures: How to Balance Two Cultures in a Relationship

Black women white men dating comes with a whole bunch of challenges. One of the biggest challenges arises when both people in the relationship are very attached and involved in their respective cultures.

In cases where one partner doesn’t care as much about their own culture, this doesn’t really become a problem. They are more than happy to accommodate a new culture and even raise their kids with that culture’s values.

But what happens when both people want their culture to be the priority? It can make an otherwise perfect relationship become unbalanced in a heartbeat. Here are four tips that both people in an interracial relationship should follow.

1.Don’t see one culture as ‘better’ than another

This can lead to a lot of resentment down the line. If one person is constantly making snide remarks about how backwards their partner’s culture is, there’s no happy ending involved for anybody in the relationship.

Don’t insult your partner’s culture and don’t compare your cultures. It will only lead to fights and literally does not have any productive results. You won’t convince them to like your culture more, you will just make them get defensive.

2.Don’t force your ideals on your partner or your children

While it’s perfectly fine to live your own life by the ideals of your culture, they should not be forced on anyone else. Let’s say, for example, that your culture forbids you from eating pork. Everybody should respect your decision not to eat pork, but this goes both ways. You can’t get upset and be mean about it if your partner or your kids decide to order a pizza with bacon on it.

Accept that it’s their choice and stick to your ideals without foisting it on others. In truth, they’re less likely to adopt your way of living if you’re aggressive about it. They will be more open to it when you allow them to decide for themselves.

3.Find parts of your partner’s culture that you identify with and appreciate

A lot of cultures share commonality. A white person from the South in America has very strong family values, but so does an African person from Uganda.
Finding the common ground in your culture will help you to cohabitate and raise children together, with a lot less fighting and drama.

4.Remember that you love your partner for who they are, and their culture is a part of that

A person’s culture, upbringing, and family heavily influence who they become later in life. If you fell in love with your African partner because they are always full of laughs and joy, it’s thanks to their culture. If you fell in love with an Asian man because of his stoic nature and serious work ethic, it’s because of his culture.

Recognize that by falling in love with your partner, you have also fallen in love with their culture to a certain extent. Just like they fell in love with yours.

If you have more black women white men dating advice, you may share it with us.

8 Tips for Making it Last in an Interracial Relationship

In today’s society, more and more people are getting into interracial relationships. The number of mixed ethnicity families is growing, and things go so well that some even think that there are not problems with interracial dating.
There are, though. That isn’t to say that it’s wrong, but to say that it’s still not completely accepted. If you’re white dating a Polynesian, or an Asian, or a Latino dating an African American, that’s all interracial, and someone is going to have a problem with it.

The stress that there often is on interracial couples can make the relationship a little more difficult, but here are some dating tips that can help you make it last.

First, focus on your similarities. Every culture is diverse, and there can be a lot of differences between you, but focusing on what you’ve got in common will help you a lot. Differences can turn into a divide if you’re not careful, so figure out how to adapt to each other’s culture.

Now, going along with that, always respect your partners culture. Though you may see differences, you have to recognize that one way is not necessarily better than the other. Realize that you can BOTH be right, but different.

Third, be open to discussion. Be willing to talk about whatever differences you may find. When you’re open, you’re willing to learn, and to work things out. Don’t close yourself off.

Fourth, stop trying to please everyone. You’ll get all sorts of comments and opinions from others. But, what YOU two think is the most important. Don’t worry about other’s perceptions, because you won’t change their minds. Instead, focus on your relationship with each other.

Fifth, do a self-analysis. Are you patient? Strong? Courageous? There are many things that will come up when you have an interracial relationship, and you may have to face a lot of challenges – including changing some of yourself. Are you up for it?

Sixth, don’t talk about race. It’s not even necessary. You’re going out with a human being. When you bring up race, you’re setting yourself up for comments, opinions, and other things that you and your date don’t want or need to hear.
Seventh, remember that love is powerful. Just because there may be opposition and cultural differences doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to work out. It’s worked plenty of times. Love is powerful. If you really love the other person and are more concerned about their welfare than yours, then you can love enough to overcome all the obstacles.

And, last but not least – know your partner. Just knowing that your religion, race, culture, background, food preferences, and more are different isn’t enough. You’ve got to find a way to embrace that. Do what makes your partner happy as long as it doesn’t hurt you.

Traditions or preferences – let them make the call, and do what will make them feel loved. If they do the same for you, you’ll have a flourishing, loving interracial relationship, no matter what race you both are.

How to make your interracial relationship successful in Australia

Interracial love or interracial relationship are a trend nowadays. People are exploring love like never before. They do not want anything else except love. Caste, creed, gender, race, background, ethnicity, culture, or skin color does not have any importance for them and they just want get into a relationship by looking at the nature of the other person.

Apparently, love should be like this only. It is not bounded by any limitations. And, like any other country in the world, Australia too is going through this phenomenon of interracial love and mixed race couples. More and more Australians are taking their chances and going out with a partner who belongs to a different race than theirs.

Also, they are not only exploring this kind of love, some of them are truly into their interracial relationship. They are madly in love with their mixed race partner. However, apart from love, there are some other things too that you must consider while you are in an interracial relationship. These things will help you to make your interracial relationship last for a longer period of time and will thus make it a successful love story.

So, let us look at some of the things about Australia interracial dating that you must pay heed to, so that you can make your interracial relationship successful in Australia.


Find out what you and your interracial partner have in common or the similarities that you two have. Instead of counting the differences or how different you both are from each other, focus on the things that make you alike. In any new affair, it is vital to find the things that connect you and your partner to each other. Although, you two belong to a different ethnicities and backgrounds, still there will be loads of common things between you.
You have to consider these things and just focus on them, and leave the differences alone. Love your partner for his or her approach or attitude. After all, they have their own individuality, which makes them different from others, because of which you felt in love with them in the first place. Overall, your alikeness will act as an anchor to your interracial relationship.


Instead of choosing a type of relationship or going for a partner who belongs to only one race, you should focus on loving your partner. Do not base your relationship on a single type or make it a sole factor of dating someone. You must appreciate and have an interest in each other, rather than labeling your partner for his or her culture.

Let interracial dating happen naturally and build your relationship on a strong foundation. You should love your partner for what they are and as they are. Do not base your relationship on an ethnic background, but on the likes. People, who base their relationship on a specific ethnic background, limit their chances of finding a loving and lasting relationship.


There will be numerous things that would be different in your interracial partner, both physically and personality wise. It can be his or her hair, body, mannerisms, speech, etc. All of this can be different in him or her. However, you must respect your partner for what they are and love them as they are.
You should value the way they speak or dress, as it forms a significant part of who they really are. It is your responsibility to make them confident of who they are and to keep a note of their likes and dislikes, such as their food preferences. Your partner will be very grateful and appreciative for your initiatives and enthusiasm towards understanding their peculiarities.

Be open to your partner and communicate with them honestly, as communication plays a huge role in making a relationship successful. Be sympathetic and tell him or her about how you feel. With these tips of interracial dating in Australia, you can surely build a strong and lasting interracial relationship in Australia.

Your New Year’s Resolution: Change Your Dating Luck and Go Interracial Dating

Are you still single and resenting it?  It really sucks to be alone on New Year’s Eve.  But there’s only one thing worse than being alone on New Year’s Eve.  Yes, being alone on Valentine’s Day!  That’s the worst because when February comes around you will be forced to hear all kinds of romantic stories or watch lovey dovey movies on Netflix only to realize you have no one to enjoy it with.  It’s time to change your luck!

Why not consider dating someone outside your race and outside the usual “type” you go for?  Sometimes changing your dating luck is all a matter of changing your approach.  This includes not only thinking outside the box when it comes to type, but also the when and the where.

For instance, some singles have found that interracial dating has brought them a whole new perspective on romantic fulfillment.  Which is not to say that it’s always about love.  Sometimes casual dating can be fun and with interracial dating sites, it’s certainly easy to find a date any Friday or Saturday night.

The new experience is reason enough to give it a try.  Many men and women go through life only choosing one type of man or woman because they figure “that must be what I like…what I’m attracted to.”  However, we are very often unsure what turns us on unless we feel something.  So by taking a chance and dating someone of a different color or ethnicity on interracial dating sites you may be able to find something special, and something you’ve never felt before.  This is all part of the great experience of life—take advantage of it.

The Benefits of Interracial Dating

If you are attracted to someone of a different race, then the first and foremost benefit is sexual compatibility.  Sex is much better when there is a mutual physical attraction and you have that magnetic pull towards each other.  But that’s not all.  Many interracial couples find that taking in the other person’s culture, religion, values and world outlook to be just as satisfying as physical lust.

When you date outside your comfort zone you become exposed to new ways of thinking and this can help to broaden your perspective.  You may also become stronger in your own beliefs, as you gain further insight into the common values you share with the other person.  Some interracial couples enjoy the culture exchange and may even prefer to visit the other person’s country of origin or learn a new language to enhance communication.

Don’t Stop Believing in Yourself!

It’s easy to become depressed around the holidays if you are alone but don’t let negativity wear you down.  You can find someone new and there are plenty of “fish” in the sea who would be compatible with you.  The goal is to go out and meet them and open your mind just a little bit to make sure you are sampling the full spectrum of compatibility.

This time next year you are going to feel so much better when romantic holidays come around!

8 interesting facts about skin color and race

1.The human races are mostly developed in the present day. Looking back, the ancient Greeks, Jews, Romans, Muslims, and Christians did not have any racial categories. Rather, they just used language, class, and religion, to classify people.

2.Most of the researches show that children as small as 6 months can notice race and accordingly judge other people on the basis of their race. In the research, 6 month old infants were shown pictures of different people that belong to different races. The research depicted that these children stared considerably longer at those pictures, which had faces of people who belonged to a different race as compared to their parents. This illustrates that children find different race people to be beyond the ordinary.


3.According to Biology, only one human race exits. The results of Human Genome Project confirmed this fact that our DNA does not define our race. There is no genetic definition of race as per the geneticists. Moreover, human races are socially constructed groupings and are not regular genetic groups. Scientists use various physical features, such as skin color, facial features, hair, etc. along with other physical traits, in order to distinguish different people of different races, for instance south Asians from East Asians and Europeans from Africans. Thus, every human being belongs to only one hominid species, that is, Homo sapiens, which is a Latin word that means ‘wise man’.

4.In 1790, it was the first time that the United States census categorized people on the basis of race. Since then, the racial classifications have varied from one census to the other. The very first census just has three racial categories and the racial segregations have changed 24 times since then. The recent census in 2010 depicted 63 probable race categories.

5.In the United States, most of the people who are recognized as African Americans had some European ancestors and people who are recognized as European Americans had some Native American or African ancestors.

6.According to most of the biologists and anthropologists, race has its roots in colonialism and slavery and it is just a political categorization. And, as the science of race and politics changed, so did the way how the census classified and asked about race fluctuated from one census to the other. The number of racial categorizations, as in who belongs to which race, and races have increased as per the political goals.

7.Different nations in the world assign race through multiple ways. For instance, in the United States and Japan, race is determined at birth and is therefore fixed. (See on interracial dating sites) Conversely, in Brazil, race is based on various factors, like the physical appearance influenced by environment and genetics, socioeconomic status, and the race of the parents, and is therefore more flexible. A person’s race is not fixed and can alter as they become poorer or wealthier.

8.Race is not just about the skin color of a person and it is not the reason behind the diverse skin colors of human beings. Scientists say that skin color changes due to ultraviolet rays and geography. For example, the darker-skinned natives of Canada and Alaska would be expected to be light skinned because they live in long periods of darkness in the northern regions. According to scientists, the dark skin is due to the higher level of ultraviolet rays that such people get, which is reflected from the ice and snow surface during the summer season, and the vitamin D that they obtain from eating fish and seal.

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5 vital tips to attract quality men on interracial dating sites

Are you planning to sign up with an interracial dating site in order to build a strong relationship with a handsome and matured man? Are you new to the field of dating and thereby wondering about the best possible way to attract a person of your choice? Then it will certainly be wise for you to gain valuable tips on how to attract your dream dating partner on interracial dating sites.


1.Make sure to post some great close up shots
This is certainly one of the best possible ways to attract one of the sensible men on an Interracial dating site. While signing up, it will be wise for you to post some great close up shots that are attractive and effective in enhancing your personality. Make sure to flaunt your smile through your unique photographs as it will certainly help in melting the heart of a smart man.

2.Make sure to build a unique profile
This is also one of the best possible ways to attract a man on dating sites. You should always provide unique information while creating a profile on a specific dating site. Make sure the content which has been uploaded on your profile is to the point. Men must be able to get a brief knowledge about you through the profile.

3.Try to prove that you are different from the crowd
This is also one of the best possible ways of attracting quality men online. While creating your profile or sending E-mail, it will be wise to make him believe that you are certainly different from various other beautiful women in the crowd. Make sure to be creative and even try to flaunt some qualities that make you unique.

4.Make sure to be an active participant
This is also one of the vital tips that you should consider to attract sensible and matured men when interracial dating. You should not always expect that various smart men on online dating sites will send you message in order to pursue you to fall in love with them, rather make sure to go ahead and start a conversation to build a healthy relationship with your dating partner.

5.Do not talk about your past
This is also one of the vital tips that you should analyze in order to date with one of the best men on Interracial dating sites. You must also not highlight about any incidence of the past that may be the reason behind ruining the relationship with one of the matured men on online dating sites.

These are some of the vital tips that will enable you attract a quality and smart man on Interracial dating sites.

5 things to consider when interracial dating

Are you planning to date a person who does not belong to your race? Wondering whether your parents and even the society will accept the relationship? black-white-datingThen make sure to get rid of this notion because interracial dating has now become common in various parts of the world. Interracial dating refers to a relationship between two people who do not belong to a similar race. Below are discussed some of the vital tips that will help you to build a strong interracial relationship with your dating partner.

1.Gain lots of self confidence
This is certainly the first and foremost important point that you should analyze before starting an interracial relationship. You should not get carried away by what the society is saying about your relationship rather it will be wise for you to gain lots of confidence and face the challenges in a smart and bold way.

2.Nobody can force you to love a specific person
This is also a vital tip that you should consider while dating a person who does not belong to your race. Nobody in the world can force you to love a specific person, it is certainly your ultimately decision on whether you will fall in love with a white or black guy. The skin color or country of residence does not matter in an interracial relationship.

3.Make sure to face obstacles jointly
If you are in an interracial relationship then make sure to have confidence in facing various obstacles jointly. This is certainly an important step to analyze in order to build a strong relationship with your dating partner.

4.Do not worry about the society
This is also a vital tip that you should keep in mind to build a strong and lovable relationship with your dating partner who belongs to a different race. Don’t get disheartened or discouraged when people in the society say various things about you and your partner because the only thing that matters is the love and respect between both of you.

5.Gain knowledge about the culture of dating partner
This is certainly a vital tip that will help in building a successful interracial relationship. Since you are going to build relationship with a person who does not belong to your race, it will be wise for you to gain some knowledge about their culture and religion.

Lastly, make sure to gain detail information about the person with whom you are going to date and thereby ensure to build a strong relationship in the future.