8 Tips for Making it Last in an Interracial Relationship


In today’s society, more and more people are getting into interracial relationships. The number of mixed ethnicity families is growing, and things go so well that some even think that there are not problems with interracial dating.
There are, though. That isn’t to say that it’s wrong, but to say that it’s still not completely accepted. If you’re white dating a Polynesian, or an Asian, or a Latino dating an African American, that’s all interracial, and someone is going to have a problem with it.

The stress that there often is on interracial couples can make the relationship a little more difficult, but here are some dating tips that can help you make it last.

First, focus on your similarities. Every culture is diverse, and there can be a lot of differences between you, but focusing on what you’ve got in common will help you a lot. Differences can turn into a divide if you’re not careful, so figure out how to adapt to each other’s culture.

Now, going along with that, always respect your partners culture. Though you may see differences, you have to recognize that one way is not necessarily better than the other. Realize that you can BOTH be right, but different.

Third, be open to discussion. Be willing to talk about whatever differences you may find. When you’re open, you’re willing to learn, and to work things out. Don’t close yourself off.

Fourth, stop trying to please everyone. You’ll get all sorts of comments and opinions from others. But, what YOU two think is the most important. Don’t worry about other’s perceptions, because you won’t change their minds. Instead, focus on your relationship with each other.

Fifth, do a self-analysis. Are you patient? Strong? Courageous? There are many things that will come up when you have an interracial relationship, and you may have to face a lot of challenges – including changing some of yourself. Are you up for it?

Sixth, don’t talk about race. It’s not even necessary. You’re going out with a human being. When you bring up race, you’re setting yourself up for comments, opinions, and other things that you and your date don’t want or need to hear.
Seventh, remember that love is powerful. Just because there may be opposition and cultural differences doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to work out. It’s worked plenty of times. Love is powerful. If you really love the other person and are more concerned about their welfare than yours, then you can love enough to overcome all the obstacles.

And, last but not least – know your partner. Just knowing that your religion, race, culture, background, food preferences, and more are different isn’t enough. You’ve got to find a way to embrace that. Do what makes your partner happy as long as it doesn’t hurt you.

Traditions or preferences – let them make the call, and do what will make them feel loved. If they do the same for you, you’ll have a flourishing, loving interracial relationship, no matter what race you both are.

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